Radiation Detection


We aggressively pursue CMT (cadmium magnesium telluride [CdMgTe] and cadmium manganese telluride [CdMnTe]) and mercurous halides as excellent nuclear/radiological detector sources. We also continue to work on new materials, including the ternary halides.

We are working with defense, security and medical staff to develop next-generation semiconductor radiation detectors to identify “dirty bombs,“ improve medical imaging and for other purposes.

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Dr. Sudhir Trivedi
Brimrose Technology Corporation

Nuclear Radiation Detector

Nuclear Radiation Detector

Advanced Materials

  • Crystal Growth – Customer Crystals Available

  • Radiation Detection & Shielding

  • Colloidal Quantum Dots (CQD) – CQD for IR Detection

  • Inorganic Nano-crystalline Materials

  • Semiconductor Crystals


  • Radiation Detection of Multiple Types (e.g. gamma rays, x-rays, and neutrons)

  • Infrared Focal Plane Array Chemical Detection and Bio-sensing

  • Biological Detection

  • Remote Laser Vibrometry