About Brimrose Technology Corporation

Brimrose Technology Corporation (BTC or Brimrose Technology) is a privately owned small business that was incorporated as a “C” Corporation in 2007. It was formed from the Research and Development Department of Brimrose Corporation of America (Brimrose Corporation), a Baltimore-based high-tech, global company. Dr. Ronald Rosemeier, owner and CEO of both corporations, founded Brimrose Corporation in 1980.  Since 2007 all of the R&D work that was formerly being performed by Brimrose Corporation has been actively transitioned to BTC. Upon completion of current on-going government-funded research programs at Brimrose Corporation, the transition of the Research and Development group to Brimrose Technology will be complete. Brimrose Corporation provides technical expertise, engineering support and administrative assistance to Brimrose Technology. Products that are developed at BTC are commercialized through Brimrose Corporation. At the current time, both corporations reside at the same location. Brimrose Technology is in the process of seeking a separate facility in the immediate area.

Our Mission

Brimrose Technology Corporation (BTC)’s mission is to take promising new technologies and craft them into real products that can change lives for the better. When customers come to BTC, we help them develop prototypes that will make a difference. Is it any wonder that major U.S. agencies such as the Department of Defense, including many of its research agencies, the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Health and Human Services and many others are providing us with tens of millions of dollars to help them find the answers they are seeking?


BTC Press Releases

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Latest Updates


New Spinoff Opportunities

BTC is continually evaluating a wide array of technologies to see what their market potential is. The goal is to eventually spin off a number of these into new, independent companies that have their own energy and opportunity to grow.

The first such spinoff is brimRAD Corporation, a company devoted to making next-generation radiation detectors for the multi-billion dollar defense/security, medical and industrial/university research markets. brimRAD has developed a global series of next-gen materials that we believe will help to revolutionize this market. For more information, please go to www.brimrad.com.

BTC also is closely scrutinizing a number of other technologies to see which will become independent spinoffs. Some technologies under evaluation include (1) solid-state laser materials and taggants, (2) bacteriophage, (3) viral or bacterial detection, (4) thermo-electric power generation, and (5) laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.