Global Partnership

BTC has worked for and partnered with a select group of leading technology companies, industry labs, universities, and other government research institutions as well as Military DoD. To continue and expand this partnership mainly through the STTR Program, we are dedicated in serving our customers consistently at a high level, and actively participate in innovative R&D activities to provide industrial services and support to our partners. If you are interested in becoming a BTC partner, please visit the contact page.

BTC Collaborating with Globally Recognized Biotech Organizations

Brimrose Technology (BTC) is working with a variety of globally recognized institutes and companies in helping us get this division launched, including the Eliava Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia; the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Nanjing, China; NHDetect, Baltimore; the National University of Singapore; and the International Phage Research Center in Nanjing, China.

IPRC Meeting

BTC already is involved in several critical research operations that we believe will be beneficial.

One focus of research is on the utilization of the bacteriophage virus and Phage Lytic Enzymes for the treatment, prevention, control and detection of specific bacteria in the environment or in applications for agriculture, animal or food use. Bacteriophages, or bacteria eaters, occur in nature, kill bad bacteria, are safe for animals, are inexpensive, and do not harm the environment or cause the problems that antibiotics do. While bacteriophages have been used for some time with varying degrees of success, work by Trudil, the aforementioned Georgian and Chinese institutes, and other researchers working with Brimrose show significant progress and should lead to greater use of these important viruses.

Working with the Eliava Institute, our new Biotechnology Division is offering a series of unique bacteriophage products, which are being used to replace antibiotics in feed, environmental control of bacteria, rapid detection and for other important applications. As mentioned, bacteriophages are “good” viruses that attack and kill bad bacteria that can harm poultry and other living things.