Information & Knowledge Exploitation


Brimrose Technology Corporation has recently expanded its creative innovation beyond the domain of physical components, detectors and materials it traditionally has developed. The creation of the Information & Knowledge Exploitation Division and the proposed establishment of a Brimrose-led, multi-discipline sensor, information science and rapid prototyping ecosystem (BLISS: Brimrose-Led Information Science ecoSystem) with innovative partners will enable Brimrose and their partners to provide customers not only with innovative detectors and sensors but enhanced “smart” sensor and information source systems as well. This proposed technical consortium has the goal to enable (1) the creation of new, innovative detector and sensor systems, (2) the development of enabling tools to provide decision makers with the best possible mission-relevant information and knowledge for optimizing ISR asset utility, (3) maximizing situational understanding to best inform their decisions and (4) rapid pre-commercialization prototyping.

Areas of information and knowledge exploitation include the following:

  • Collaborative Development Environment

  • Mission and Means Framework (MMF)

  • Interoperability

  • Information Value Optimization Tools

  • Situational Understanding

  • Ontology of Cognition

  • New Paradigms for AI/ML

  • Social Sensing Analytics

  • Rapid Pre-commercialization Prototyping

For more information contact:

Michael Kolodny
Director: Information & Knowledge Exploitation Division
Brimrose Technology Corporation
443-338-4338 ext. 403 (direct)