R&D Contract Efforts and Awards
Brimrose Technology is primarily engaged in conducting research and experimental development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences. There are a number of Government and Defense Contracts awarded to Brimrose Technology. The following is a list of our SBIR/STTR contract awards that have been received from NASA and DoD.
  • Ultraviolet Acouto-Optic Devices UsingBarium Borate (BBO). STTR Phase II ARMY/RDECOM 2011.
  • Development of CdMgTe and CdMgSe for Optical Switching Applications. DoD/AFRL SBIR Phase I 2011.
  • Alternative Green Technology For Power Generation Using Waste Heat Energy and Advanced Thermolectric Materials. NASA/PENN State STTR Phase I 2011.
  • AOTF Based Hyperspectral Imaging for Short Standoff Checkpoint Detection Systems for Explosives. SBIR Phase I 2011.
  • Development of The Novel Wide Band GapSemiconductor Materials CdMgTe for Gamma Ray Detection. Internal R&D effort since 2008.
  • Ultra Small Size, Light Weight, Fast and Widely Tunable Integrated Quantum Cascade Laser Tuner for Chem-Bio Detections. STTR – ARMY 2011.
  • Zeno Based Opto-Electronics Using Semiconductor Quantum Dots Coupled To Nanocavities. DARPA/UMCP Phase II 2010.
  • Silhouette Profiling Optical Tripwire (SPOT) A Novel Terra Harvest Asset With Interface To Terra Harvest Controller. ARL/Patrick AFB 2010.
  • Development of Scanning Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) Using A Novel Optical/Laser Microphone for The Remote Detection of Explosives. SBIR/DoD/ARMY Phase I 2010.
  • Bulk Crystal Growth of Cadmium Magnesium Telluride. General Dynamics Information Technology/Wright Patterson, Air Force Base 2009.
  • AOTF Based Compact and Rugged SWIR Hyperspectral Sensor Integratable Into The Affordable Modular Panoramic Photonics Mast. ONR BAA. JHU – APL 2009.
  • Solid State Ceramic Laser Material for Remote Sensing of Ozone Using Nd: Yttria. NASA LANGLEY 2007.
  • Acoustic Landmine Detection: Interferometer-less Pulsed Laser Vibrometer for Landmine Detection. US ARMY 2007.
  • Aircraft Systems Noise Prediction and Reduction: High Sensitivity Laser Vibrometer for Aircraft Interior Noise Monitoring. SBIR/NASA 2007.