IED Detection Platforms - PAS Technology
Brimrose Technology has successfully demonstrated experimentally the capability to standoff detect the presence of explosives like RDX using photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) augmented with a novel high sensitivity laser microphone based on the pulsed photo-EMF laser vibrometer (PPLV). The high sensitivity Photo-EMF pulsed laser vibrometer still is under research and development.

We developed material processing technologies for fabricating fused silica diaphragms with varying thickness which were then integrated into the PPLV laser microphone possessing the minimally detectable sound wave pressure level of less than 33 μPa. We also developed quantum cascade laser chips emitting laser pulses at the wavelength corresponding to the absorption peaks of RDX powder. The picture on the right shows the assembled fused silica diaphragm. The back-side of the diaphragm which receives the impinging acoustic waves, including the PAS signatures of RDX. A US penny is used as a scale to gauge the physical dimensions of the assembled fused silica diaphragm.

The capability to perform standoff detection of targeted molecules and chemical compounds plays a strategic role in facilitating the planning and execution of various missions by the US Army. For more info, please contact us.
IED Trials:
Laser IED (LIED) Vehicle Sentry Unit
Moving Vehicle Laser IED Detection
  • Remote Laser IED (LIED) Sensor
  • 3 Different Kinds of Vehicles were Tested
  • Vehicles Traveled at 5, 10, 15 and 30 mph
  • With and without 800 Pound Loads
  • Border Security / Remote Smuggling Detection
Essential Benefits of the PPLV-Based PAS Technology:
  • High Detection Resolution and Detection Sensitivity
  • Long Standoff Distances
  • Rapid Scanning Rates
Main Military and Industrial Applications:
The high measurement sensitivity of the pulsed laser vibrometer, coupled with the high degree of spatial adaptability of photo-EMF sensors, enables these laser vibrometers to be employed in a wide range of military and industrial applications, including aerospace, automotive, power plants, scientific community, and process control industries that might involve significant background noise and vibrations.
  • Remote Detection of Explosives (Army)
  • Moving Vehicle Laser IED Detection
  • Border Security / Remote Smuggling Detection