AOTF SWIR Hyperspectral Imagers - IS510 Series
A major Brimrose Technology research tool is the acousto-optic tunable filter hyperspectral imager (AOTF-HSI). AOTF provides the benefits of both acoustics and optics to generate extremely fast scanning speeds of 16,000 wavelengths per second, while at the same time allowing the user to focus on the specific wavelengths that provide the most revealing information related to a particular application.

Leading research at Brimrose Tech is now being performed in cancer detection. As can be seen from the accompanying blog, BTC has a good relationship with the medical community, where its AOTF-HSI technology has been used in a number of cancer detection applications, including skin, tongue, etc. Medical HSI is sure to play an important role as we find out more about the human body through enhanced imaging.

Brimrose Technology has and continues to have ongoing and sustained success matching our AOTF hyperspectral imagers with a variety of medical applications, often in the cancer detection area. (See associated BLOG by Dr. Sudhir Trivedi, BTC’s Director of R&D). In some cases, as in cancer detection in the tongue, we have experienced detection rates of upwards of 90 percent.

We believe our unique AOTF technology, which has the breadth to thousands of wavelengths very rapidly yet the depth to get critical data from only one wavelength, represents a perfect match with the new demands of the medical imaging field.

We believe these efforts will be enhanced by our new series of miniature AOTF SWIR Hyperspectral Imaging spectrometers, known as the IS510 series. This model can be used effectively with microscope applications, which often come into play in medical analysis.

The AOTF SWIR imaging system with Brimrose synthesizer or electronics provides narrow bandwidth, rapid wavelength selection, and intensity control. For more examples of real-time applications using AOTF Hyperspectral Imagers please visit the AOTF SWIR Hyperspectral Imager Video Demo page.

Brimrose also designed the first Brimrose SWIR F22.5mm/F3.5 Lens for the 800-1700nm wavelength range. The unit offers the best performance with the Brimrose VA210-0.9-1.7 video imaging adapter, or IS210-0.9-1.7 or IS510-0.9-1.7 AOTF hyperspectral imager. For more info, please contact us.
IS510-0.90-1.70 Specifications
Device TypeImage Quality AOTF (aperture size 10 x 10 mm)
Wavelength Range900-1700nm
Spectral Resolution6-20nm
Camera ModelSU640HSX-1.7RT High Resolution InGaAs SWIR CameraSU320KTSX-1.7RT High Sensitivity InGaAs SWIR Camera
Camera Resolution640 x 512 pixels320 x 256 pixels
Field of View for Camera System
1.5-6.5 deg with Tamron Zoom Lens f70-300mm
5.7-13 deg with Tamron Zoom Lens f28-80mm
16 deg with Brimrose C-Mount SWIR Lens f22.5mm
Field of View for
Microscope System
1.6 mm with 4x objective lens
0.64mm with 10x objective lens
0.16mm with 40x objective lens
Camera MountC-mount
Lens MountC-Mount and F, PK Mount Adapter
Driving Power~2 Watts
RF Connector - typeSMA
Weight620 g
DimensionsW x H x D: 65 x 52 x 196 mm
Capabilitiies Enabled
  • Sees Beyond 3rd Generation Night Vision Goggles
  • Detection Capabilities - TTL taggants, Disturbed soil, Chemical vapors, Discriminating characteristics that may identify HVT, Camouflaged target identification
  • Mobile Sensing
Features of the IS510 AOTF SWIR Hyperspectral Imager:
  • Operates in rugged warfare/industrial conditions
  • Operates over wide-temperature ranges
  • 1/4 of the size of current technology
  • Solid state, no moving parts
  • Spatial resolution of 640 x 512 pixels
  • Video frame rate of 30/sec
  • No Hysteresis
Main Military and Industrial Applications:
  • Military - SWIR Concepts for Shadow UAV Platform
  • Laboratory and Industry Applications
  • Biology and Biomedical Research
  • Agriculture Monitoring
  • On-Line Quality and Process Control
  • Other OEM Applications