Barium Borate Acousto-Optic Devices
Brimrose Technology has introduced a new UV-transparent material, Barium Borate or BBO, as a new acousto-optic material to replace fused silica for a high performance acousto-optic deflector (AOD) or frequency shifter designed for operation in the UV in order to improve the performance of trapped ions and atoms addressed Quantum Information Processing (QIP) systems.

We characterized the advantageous acoustic and optical properties of BBO and designed advanced AO devices that capitalize on the unique combination of features of BBO. The picture on the right shows the BBO Acousto-Optic Device with transducer and electrodes fabricated at Brimrose. For more info, please contact us.
BBO's Properties
Brimrose Technology will continue to utilize the properties combination of the BBO to develop the new family of UV transparent extremely efficient, low power, thermally benign, high resolution, high contrast ratio, high frequency, acousto-optic frequency shifters, deflectors, and modulators for QIP applications.
  • Slow-shear Acoustic Mode
  • Self-collimating Acoustics
  • BBO's Birefringence
  • The Operating Bandwidth and UV Wavelength
  • Simple Linearly Polarized Eigenmodes
BBO Based Acousto-Optic Device Fabrication Effort
Brimrose Technology has successfully fabricated an initial test device from a crystallographically cut sample of alpha-BBO with a piezoelectric transducer bonded to the X face and tuned for 400MHz, which was designed for a large optical rotation angle operation (24 degrees at 532nm) and preliminary measurements of device performance were carried out.

We developed a nondestructive method of studying its properties by designing and fabricating suitable longitudinal and shear quartz reference cells. With the use of reference cells we did not have to alter attch any transducer or alter the size and shape of the procured BBO crystals, and once the acoustic parameters were studied these BBO crystals could be used for the design and fabrication of acousto-optic devices. The picture on the left shows the updated housing jig with quartz reference cell fabricated at Brimrose for studying BBO acousto-optic parameters.
Essential Features of the BBO AO devices:
  • Transparency in the UV
  • Fast Sub-microsecond Access Time
  • Thermally Benign
  • High Resolution Scanning and High Contrast Ratio Modulation
  • Polarization Filtering to Mitigate Scatter
  • Pulse Duration Errors Less Than 10 nsec (integrated pulse area <1% error)
  • Pulse Timing Jitter Less Than 1nsec
  • Dramatic Simplification of the Experimental Setup of the Trapped Ion Quantum Computer
A Few Potential Commercial Applications:
The BBO's advantageous combination of acoustic and optical properties should make it the new material of choice for many commercial applications.
  • Laser Beam Scanning
  • Precision Interferometry
  • Optical Signal Processing