SPOT Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS)
Brimrose Technology has developed a low power, low bandwidth Silhouette Profiling Optical Tripwire (SPOT) Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) operating in the LWIR region of the radiation spectrum specifically designed for the harsh environment in various applications.

The Silhouette Profiling Optical Tripwire is a rugged sensor that utilizes Brimrose’s superior engineering background to remotely gather surveillance information. The SPOT is designed to be quickly deployed, gather data from active targets and pass it along to commanding forces via external controllers with wired/wireless connections or directly to a receiver via satellite. With its silhouette data format and passive detector system SPOT is able to achieve significantly low transmission bandwidth sizes as little as 200 bytes as well as minimal power consumption. This makes SPOT a unique and effective asset for remote and power-sensitive surveillance missions. Watch the SPOT Demo Video to find out how the silhouettes provide sufficient detail for clearly identifying highly detailed targets.

After the successful demonstration of LWIR SPOT UGS in detection of moving object of interest, such as human, animal, vehicle as well as development of developed a Terra Harvest plugin for the SPOT, recently Brimrose Technology has demonstrated a SPOT UGS, utilizing a low-cost, low-power 2D array of thermal imager that offers better sihlouette image quality, and thus offers potential to further improve the classification accuracy while still using very low communication bandwidth. The SPOT system with the Terra Harvest Controller still is under research and development.

In addition of building a SPOT sensor improved from existing demonstration design, we companion software which enables the SPOT system to communicate with Terra Harvest Controller for further data processing and dissemination to the mission control. For more info, please contact us.
SPOT Specifications
Sensor Operational Range75ft - 500ft
Measurement ModesContinuous; Event
Spectral Range7 - 14 microns
Power Requirements5 VDC; 3A
Output OptionsEthernet
Controller OptionsPC; Terra Harvest
SoftwareWindows based display software; Terra Harvest Plugin
Output Data Size200 – 1500 bytes (200 - 1000 bytes compressed)
Silhouettes and Target Classifications of Interest - Silhouettes Profiles
Using an LWIR 2D array and signal processing techniques, the SPOT is able to determine when relevant targets are within a selected field of view and classify them. Only selected pixels will be processed from selected areas of interest in the scene. The followings are some examples of silhouettes profile identification and classification:
Capabilities Enabled
  • At the edge data source
  • Multiple platform capable - Ground, boat, vehicle
  • Intrusion detection
  • Onboard classifier
  • Target detection, verification and identification - Animal vs. human; Cargo truck vs. vehicle
  • Land border monitoring and security
Main Features of the SPOT
  • As little as 200 bytes of exfiltrated data
  • Passive thermal profiling sensor
  • Reflection optics
  • Low power, low data bandwidth, low cost
  • Camouflaged, robust, compact
  • Wide focal depth of field
  • Variety of communications capabilities