About Brimrose Technology Corporation
Brimrose Technology Corporation (BTC)’s mission is to take promising new technologies and craft them into real products that can change lives. When customers come to BTC, we help them develop prototypes that will make a difference. Is it any wonder that major U.S. agencies such as the Department of Defense and many of its research agencies, the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Department of Energy, NSF, the Department of Health and Human Services and many others have provided us with tens of millions of dollars to provide the answers they are seeking?

Throughout our 30 year history, BTC has been a hotbed of innovative and creative thought for both industrial and academic purposes, with discoveries leading to gains in medical research, planetary exploration, energy savings, radiation detection, border protection security, and a host of other leading-edge applications. We currently are involved in a cornucopia of next-gen technologies, including of II-VI semiconductors, quantum dots, light weight optics for space applications, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), spectropolarimetry, counterfeiting detection, unattended ground sensing, A/O components development, MIR lasers and drone analysis.

The promise of these technologies is so great that we are selecting the best ones to spin out into new companies that have their own opportunity to grow and prosper as these technologies take root. One we have already identified to go this route is radiation detection materials. Other candidates we are considering include solid state laser materials and taggants, bacteriophage development, and bacterial/viral diagnostic tools.

A major Brimrose Technology research tool is the acousto-optic tunable filter hyperspectral imager (AOTF-HSI). AOTF provides the benefits of both acoustics and optics to generate extremely fast scanning speeds of 16,000 wavelengths per second, while at the same time allowing the user to focus on the specific wavelengths that provide the most revealing information related to a particular application.

Leading research at Brimrose Tech is now being performed in cancer detection. As can be seen from the accompanying blog, BTC has a good relationship with the medical community, where its AOTF-HSI technology has been used in a number of cancer detection applications, including skin, tongue, etc. Medical HSI is sure to play an important role as we find out more about the human body through enhanced imaging.

BTC has access to complete AO/EO crystal-growing capabilities as well as a clean room, full machine shop, applications lab, grinding and polishing stations, assembly lab, outdoor test lab, etc. The company prides itself on its ability to meet unique customer requirements. Let BTC help you meet your unique requirements and needs. For more information, call us at 410-472-2600 or send email.

New Spinoff Opportunities

BTC is continually evaluating a wide array of technologies to see what their market potential is. The goal is to eventually spin off a number of these into new, independent companies that have their own energy and opportunity to grow.

The first such spinoff is brimRAD Corporation, a company devoted to making next-generation radiation detectors for the multi-billion dollar defense/security, medical and industrial/university research markets. brimRAD has developed a global series of next-gen materials that we believe will help to revolutionize this market. For more information, please go to www.brimrad.com.

BTC also is closely scrutinizing a number of other technologies to see which will become independent spinoffs. Some technologies under evaluation include (1) solid-state laser materials and taggants, (2) bacteriophage, (3) viral or bacterial detection, (4) thermo-electric power generation, and (5) laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.