Our Spinoff Opportunities
Brimrose Technology is in the business of bringing new technology to market as rapidly as possible. Sometimes the new technology leads to products that address markets that are many times the size that Brimrose can itself meet. That is leading to exciting new spinoff opportunities.

The first of these spinoffs is brimRAD, a new company focused on the multi-billion dollar radiation detection market. (See accompanying chart.) This market is expected to reach $33 billion by 2019, according to Nanomarkets, led by medical and security applications.

Total Radiation Detector Market *

* courtesy of Nanomarkets
brimRAD has developed a series of next-generation radiation detection products that we believe are world leading. Already parent company Brimrose has invested more than $600,000 into brimRAD, and the company has developed the infrastructure to grow and test these detectors.

We have also developed a team of scientists for brimRAD involved with the design of the new products that will play well into this multi-billion dollar industry. In other words, all systems are go for the launch of spinoff number 1.

Other spinoffs to follow will be in the fields of health diagnosis, thermo-electric power generation and other new technology areas.

For more information about brimRAD and our other spinoff opportunities, contact David Chaffee at 410/472-7070.