About Brimrose Technology Corporation
Brimrose Technology Corporation was founded in 2007 as a spin-off R&D company of Brimrose Corporation whose focus is on the development of innovative R&D ideas and products specifically for the aerospace, US military and the Department of Defense (DoD) with over 30 years previous accumulated experience.

The major areas of focus are as follows:

  • Development of novel photonic materials that are not available commercially and their applications
  • Design and development and fabrication of electro-optic sensor systems.
Brimrose Technology has an enormous amount of experience in the development and fabrication of highly rugged photonics-based components and instruments that utilize our proprietary acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) technology. We have developed highly advanced spectral systems (both imaging and point detection) for a variety of manufacturing environments. Funding has been obtained from the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Spaceflight Center, Department of Energy and various US Military DoD facilities.

With NASA/JPL Spaceflight, various US Military DoD facilities and software facilities, as well as experienced engineering staff, Brimrose Technology offers customer-designed unique special products such as Passive IR UGS: SPOT (Silhouette Profiling Optical Tripwire), AOTF SWIR Hyperspectral Imagers, UAV AOTF SWIR Imagers, IED Detection Platforms, Optical Limiters, Room Temperature MIR Lasers, Thermoelectric Generators, and Special AO/EO Crystal Growth to meet the most demanding commercial and defense specifications.